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young man was in a pub one day with his new girlfriend. It's their first date and everything is going well, barring the occasional period of silence.
The girlfriend goes to "powder her nose" and while she is away, the young man spots somebody in the lounge bar that looks incredibly like Frank Sinatra. So, he pops over and approaches Frank. "Excuse me," say the young man, "but you half look like Frank Sinatra. I don't suppose....."
"Well," interrupts Frank, "actually I am Frank Sinatra."
Well, the young man is almost speechless, but does continue, "Look Frank, I think you're great. I've got all your records blah, blah, blah, etc......could you do me a favor?"
"What ever you want,"says Frank
"Well, you see I'm in the other bar with my new girlfriend and it would really impress her if you would just come up to me and say 'Hello Steve'."
"Sure, no problem," says Frank
So Steve rushes back into the other bar and his girlfriend returns. A few moments later, over pops Frank to their table and goes up to Steve.
"Hi Steve, how you doing!" says Frank.
Steve looks up and says, "Oh fuck off Frank!

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